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Integrating asset management into the digital revolution

Our firm specialises in finding the right banking partners for our clients and ensuring that the investment solutions provided to them are in line with their needs and expectations. We aim to integrate new investment opportunities in Fintech, Blockchain and Crypto currencies into traditional portfolios and support our clients in managing their investments.

Our mission is to integrate traditional asset classes with upcoming financial opportunities arising in digital, crypto and alternative sectors.

We review and continuously monitor the performance of each position, consolidate and report on the entire portfolio. Our role is that of an independent investment advisor and manager, as such we provide impartial advice supported by up to date market research and benchmarking. In this structure, clients maintain control of their assets with the chosen banking partner and custodian.

S.C.A. Asset Management is a fully owned division of Swiss Crypto Advisors (SCA). Founded in April 2019 in Geneva, it was formed as a Multi Family Office (MFO) to manage the traditional financial assets of our founders, their families and our client network.

Swiss Crypto Advisors SA (SCA), under the number 1334, is a member of the Supervisory Organisation for Financial Intermediaries and Trustees (SO-FIT), one of Switzerland’s Self-Regulatory Organisations (SROs), officially recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA. With professional rules of conduct contributing toward protecting and strengthening the interests of financial intermediaries and investors, we have the responsibility to maintain high compliance and internal control standards throughout all our activities.

Strengths in numbers

+ 50

years of experience

+ 20

years in wealth and asset management

+ 8

years in blockchain space


funds advised

Areas of Expertise


Are you looking to purchase a home or vacation residence in Switzerland?
We offer comprehensive consultations on home ownership, help choosing the right financing and conditions for your project.
With our network of banks, brokers and agents we provide a overview of market conditions and the best way to structure your home purchase.


Our Advisory, Private Equity and Alternative Fund teams source and provide our clients with the possibility to invest into new opportunities in Blockchain, Crypto currencies and Fintech. These are offered as a privileged first access with no obligation to invest. In the case of client interest, the asset allocation is reviewed with the client to define the best allocation and appropriate re-balancing is done to ensure adherence to the investment strategy and goals.


Each of our clients is unique and deserve personalised attention in defining their investment stra-tegy. We take the time to discuss market opportunities and risks, as well as each clients tole-rance to downturns. In doing so, we discuss our clients goals and objectives to plan the ex-pected growth, revenues and identify potential risks.
The investment strategy is then defined as a tailor made solution and the roadmap agreed with the client.

VESTED ACCOUNTS (compte de libre passage)

Are you leaving Switzerland or have you worked in Switzerland in the past? What do you do with your Pension Fund assets and how do you ensure this is put into an adequate solution for your retirement? We can help find the appropriate solution.

We provide a tailor made strategy for you and adapt the allocation in times like these to reduce risk or take advantage of market opportunities.

Some of the advantages for private clients:

• Enhanced security
• Market-oriented interest rate
• Attractive interest rate
• Free choice of investment strategy
• Investment strategies with up to 60% equities content
• Transfer of pension assets to your private assets
• Lowest withholding tax rate in Switzerland for clients moving abroad

Our multi fund solution provides a universe of 50+ Swiss and FINMA registered 2e Pillar investment funds as well as access to the institutional fund classes with better terms and TER. This offers you the possibility of investing in any collective investment overseen by FINMA or approved by it for distribution in Switzerland, or in units of collective investments issued by Swiss investment foundations. You can combine these investments at any time with certificates of deposit and time deposits with Swiss banks or with gilt-edged fixed-rate federal or cantonal bonds.


We provide our clients with a holistic global view of the entire portfolio and be able to monitor every income/dividend and expense. The performance of each investment and asset manager is measured (along with their fees). We consolidate all assets in all countries (listed equity, real estate, private equity, bonds, cash). As an independent advisors our review process also in-cludes recommendations on divesting or adding new underlying investments to ensure the stra-tegy meets its goals.


Each family has specific requirements and aspirations for future generations. We assist families in selecting the most appropriate strategy for parents, children and grand-children. We assist families in moving from a private-banking “personal” relationship towards a corpo-rate/institutional structure that is tax-efficient and cost-effective. We also assist the principal in succession planning for children and grand-children.


We assist clients in ensuring that all real estate assets are in compliance with local laws and regulations (including property taxes). Through proper understanding of local legislation on real estate assets, we propose solutions to ensure that non resident clients who purchase real estate are doing so in the best way possible for their personal situation.


Nothing great can be achieved
without a strong set of values.


You are and will always be our first priority.


We are determined. Dedicated. Forward Looking


We don’t offer off-the-shelf products but carefully tailored solutions.


No success is sustainable without truly compelling strengths.


100% owned by our management, we are independent and free from any external pressure.


Client-centric by nature, we know that a “one size fits all” approach really fits no one. And our agile structure makes us very responsive.


Thanks to strong relationships built over the years, we have established an extensive world-wide contact network. This gives you a privileged access to off-the-limelight managers and to funds otherwise unavailable or closed to new investors.


We invest alongside our clients, thus ensuring that our interests are fully aligned.


Our results rely on rigorous investment processes based on fundamental research and stringent risk management.


We have developed a unique know-how in selecting the opportunities and in combining them to build robust and top-performing portfolios.


Finding the proper banking partners from overseas is a challenge and managing them can be even more so. We facilitate this process and represent our international clients in choosing the right partners and investments for them. Through a rigorous screening process, we provide clients with an overview of the strengths and service offering of each our top tier partner banks and re-commend a short list of suitable banking partners taking into consideration our clients country of residence, professional activity and investments goals. We then facilitate the account opening process and manage the deployment of assets into the chosen investment strategy.

SCA Asset Management Team

Omar Ulrich
Omar is director of investments and a founding partner of Swiss Crypto Advisors.
With his extensive financial experience, Omar started investing in cryptocurrencies and crypto assets in 2013 in order to become an open supporter of blockchain technology.

In 2018, he co-founded Swiss Crypto Advisors in order to be more present in the crypto world and to seize the opportunities of this growing market.

Omar’s professional experience consists of 18+ years in financial markets, including trading and program trading.

He also worked to implement and develop various financial companies.

Omar is also CEO of Castle Harbour Securities Limited and director of Next Generation Fund Ltd.

Omar lives between Geneva, London, and Nassau, and graduated from the University of Fribourg, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences with a master’s degree in business administration.
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Francesco Abbate
Francesco is the CEO and managing director of Swiss Crypto Advisors and oversees the company's global activities.
In addition to his role as CEO of Swiss Crypto Advisors, Francesco also manages the Risk Management, AML and Compliance activities of SCA AM, thus showing the firms commitment to ensuring proper investment processes and risk management.

Francesco’s interest in blockchain and crypto began in 2011 as an early Bitcoin scholar.

He is an entrepreneur, investor, trainer and advisor in the area of blockchain based companies and cryptocurrencies.

He founded in 2017, a cryptocurrencies democratization platform, to allow people to join this unique opportunity and make wise and more informed decisions.

In 2018, he founded Swiss Crypto to advise selected hedge funds and startups to develop a blockchain based competitive advantage, the company then expanded into boutique consulting and fintech private equity.

Francesco’s professional experience includes an extensive management background with 14 years experience in finance at Procter & Gamble, where he last acted as global finance and strategy director for a 10B$ turnover business unit, where he focused on upstream innovation and future sources of growth and business initiative design.

Francesco lives in Geneva and graduated magna cum laude from Luiss Guido Carli University with a degree in economics.
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Nina Ulrich

Nina is a senior relationship manager, with over 20 years’ experience in Julius Baer and BNP.

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